Summing up the grand convening of the conference in 2013


2023-04-17 16:30

Strengthen responsibility, seize opportunities, innovate and transform to new heights
The company's 2013 summary commended the grand convening of the conference
Chairman Yang Jiming's report on the theme of the conference
The achievement is inspiring, and the goal is pushing forward. On the evening of March 26, 2014, Shanghai Li Chao held the 2013 annual commendation conference. Yang Jiming, general manager of the company and general manager Yang Jigui gathered together with all the staff. The conference summed up the achievements and experiences of 2013, and analyzed the existing problems and difficulties carefully, and deployed and prospected the work in 2014.
In 2013, it was a very extraordinary year in the history of the development of our company. The economic weakness at home and abroad has brought many difficulties to the mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry, especially for the small and medium motor enterprises. However, under the correct leadership of the chairman and the shareholders, overcoming the influence of all kinds of unfavorable factors, all the employees do not fear the hardships, work hard, or have completed the work tasks better, and realized the steady development of the company.
At the meeting, first of all, the managers and executives of each department made a summary of the company's supply, production, technology, quality, sales, administration and other related work, to find out the shortcomings and to sort out the countermeasures. And put forward their own opinions and suggestions, so that the conference achieved the desired results. Secondly, the General Assembly commended the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals of the company in 2013, and awarded the gold flags, honorary certificates, prizes and bonuses.
At the meeting, the general manager of Yang Jigui made a summary report on the work of the company for the year 2013. First of all, he represented the company and all the shareholders to express their cordial condolences to the staff who worked hard and devoted themselves to the work. Congratulations to you on winning the advanced group and outstanding individuals in 2013. And for their ordinary positions, spare no effort, love, dedication, dedication, for the company's development has made new achievements to express heartfelt thanks! Then, I made three comments from last year's summary, the requirements of the new year and the current work. In the end, Yang also hopes that the commendation departments and employees will continue to carry forward the spirit of diligence and dedication, and continue to strive for the steady and stable development of the company with a full enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility.
Finally, chairman Yang Jiming made a keynote speech of the conference. First of all, the chairman carefully introduced the domestic and international economic situation in 2014, especially the eighteen major conferences, the strategic deployment of the comprehensive deepening of the reform, the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, etc.
The chairman affirmed that after more than 10 years of development, the company has made remarkable achievements and has rapidly grown into a domestic pioneer of the industry. It has laid a solid foundation for the great brands in China, which can not be separated from the strong support of the company's customers and the joint efforts of all the employees. The completion of the company's 2013 target is not very good and needs reflection. Summing up the past and looking forward to the future, are we sticking to the corner on the basis of the existing situation? The analysis of the current situation, challenges and opportunities, and the coexistence of pressure and hope, we must continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility, pay attention to the implementation of responsibility, ensure that everyone has responsibility, pick up the burden, and make all efforts to hit the company to create a brilliant war drum.
    The chairman pointed out that responsibility is the biggest driving force for the company to move forward. To be a responsible company, we must have responsible leadership and responsible staff. The company is responsible for the customer and the society, the leader is responsible to the staff, the staff is responsible to the leader, the person is responsible for each other, the Department and the Department are responsible for each other. All the employees are responsible for the enterprise, thus forming an effective responsibility chain and establishing a scientific and orderly, efficient and efficient responsibility and responsibility system.
The chairman said: firmly grasp the market rule is half the success of enterprises. The market is the most fair, the more you pay, the more you get. Responsible for the market, responsible for the consumer, the market will also be responsible for you. The development of enterprises needs to get higher profits and create greater social benefits. The task of professional managers is to maximize the interests of enterprises. Therefore, the company always adheres to the principle of leading quality, reducing costs and increasing profits.
The chairman stressed that, in order to achieve sustainable management and build a hundred years enterprise, the company must achieve four points: first, the scientific planning of the product structure, product innovation, and the formation of the core competitiveness. We must adhere to scientific decision-making and stick to the development idea of focusing on electrical machinery and concentrating on diversity, constantly innovating, doing fine, doing fine work, and strengthening and expanding. Two should spare no effort to build enterprise brand culture. For enterprises, one year development depends on opportunity, two or three years depending on leadership wisdom and sustainable development relying on brand culture. We should further take the road of brand, create a fast speed enterprise culture, publicize enterprises, and expand the influence of brand and culture. Three the lean production management should be carried out in an all-round way, through continuous improvement, the pursuit of the best quality, the lowest cost, the highest efficiency, the promotion of safety, the encouragement of staff morale, and the goal of maximizing profit. Four, we should pay great attention to the transformation of innovation. If enterprises want to continue to surpass, they must constantly innovate, make systematic innovations in systems, products, management and culture, so that the company can walk out of China and move towards the world.
Finally, the chairman also put forward several requests and hopes for all the staff: (1) all employees should be responsible and grateful, create income for themselves, create benefits for the enterprise, and this is the core value of all. 2) to work together with the company to grow together, to be optimistic about the company's prospects, and to be full of confidence; (3) with the company It is easy to be tempted by the outside world to be tempted by the outside world and to leave the company. It is a manifestation of no responsibility and gratitude; every employee should know that the company has done well, and the ultimate benefit is self. According to the current domestic and international situation, our staff should really worry about the company, not do some bad rumors, and the reorganization of the company's assets. It is a matter of shareholders, hope that all employees are safe and dedicated to their work, do not do some things that have negative effects on the company, do not rumor and spread rumors about the company. It is responsible, thinking, planning, and organized. It resolutely opposes the staff of the firm, unproductive, organized, provoking, and out of pocket. The goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the company.
The chairman's speech made the staff clear: "in the enterprise should be enterprising, learning, grateful heart and loyal to the heart of the enterprise; to obey the rules and discipline, obey the leadership, unite the colleagues, care for the family, respect the parents, abide by the professional ethics, and advocate doing right things, doing things, doing things, doing things, doing good things." At the end of the year, the chairman has asked all staff to shoulder the burden of new responsibilities and new developments with confidence, to make good achievements in the new year, and to sincerely wish all the staff and their families a healthy, happy family, good luck and good luck.
Before the end of the conference, the lucky draw ceremony was held. The meeting ended in a cheerful, auspicious and harmonious atmosphere.