Summary speech of senior high level cadres at the 2013 annual commendation Conference


2023-04-17 16:30

Shanghai Lichao Electric Motor Co.,ltd Liu Wei Zhong: "to ensure the realization of the objectives of the project to improve the quality of work" recollection of the past year, due to the impact of the domestic and international economic and industry situation, the goal is not completed. In the new year, we hope that all the staff will continue to carry forward the advantages and achieve good results. First, adjust the mode of production, tap potentials, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and accomplish goals and tasks. According to the development goal plan of the company in 2014, it is necessary to develop the production process, adjust the balance development of production capacity, add and improve the automation of process equipment, realize the work plan of one person multi machine and multi post, improve the efficiency, improve the benefit and raise the income. Through the transformation, adjustment and optimization of production equipment, we can achieve the goal of changing from small batch production to mass production. Two, adjust the product manufacturing structure, control the quality of product manufacturing, and ensure the manufacturing cost. We must always adhere to the aim of "making our products with our character," implementing the product standards, and doing a good job in the transformation and transformation of products. 1, we should carry out the evaluation of the qualification rate of each process quality, rank the quality of the quarterly selection, and produce the quality pacesetter. 2, we need to carry out quality assessment and assessment activities every month, and implement the next process is the user's quality concept. 3, we must continue to carry out production according to drawings, processes and standards. 4, strictly carry out the first inspection of process, inspection by inspectors, complete inspection by inspectors, and check all key projects. 5, monthly implementation of the process qualification rate assessment and implementation of rewards and punishments. 6, we should actively carry out the quality assurance system for quality inspectors. Three, adjust lean production management ideas, ensure sales, meet customer needs. Striving for excellence and striving for excellence is the starting point and foothold of our work. To provide high quality products and services, the key point is to enhance the sense of responsibility and quality. We should start with reducing the cost of marketing and production. Control quality errors in the process to ensure sales meet customer requirements. In short, the formation process of products and services is the quality chain of lean production management inside the company. From the purchase of raw materials, processing to the installation of finished products, the production of all links and after-sales service, all departments of the company's quality and environment management and lean production management activities, any part of the problem. Therefore, all departments and staff in the company should take an active part in the company's business objectives, quality environmental management and lean production management activities.
Shanghai Lichao Electric Motor Co.,ltd administrative deputy general Zhang Fa 1: "facing difficulties to improve sincere service, to create a" happy enterprise "and efforts to learn a lot in Shanghai over the past two years, I have learned a lot, most of the employees to work hard, love and dedication, diligent work of the fearless spirit; young and middle-aged employees to be strong, positive and brave to climb the peak. The style of work, the high quality cadres who take factory as their home, innovation and dedication, and so on, have inspired me for countless times. The administrative personnel work, which I am in charge of, has been improved in overcoming many difficulties; it has been constantly improved in the full support of all the members; and in the care of the chairman and the general manager. In the past year, there are still many shortcomings in my work. Here I would like to say sorry to everyone, please forgive me! First, face up to the current situation of work in 2013, take the responsibility and sincerely accept the opinions of the staff. Last year, one was not satisfied with the development needs of the company in recruiting, employing and staying; two, the company system was not strictly implemented in the labor discipline and work assessment; three was not enough in the education and training of the staff; four was not determined in the field management and equipment management; five was not new in the construction of enterprise culture. Two, clear objectives and tasks in 2014, work hard to resentment, innovate and do well in administration and personnel work. We should actively explore new ways and mechanisms for ideological work. Innovative activities, renovating existing windows, running propaganda columns, innovating activities carriers, launching internal journals, enriching good atmosphere, and innovating activities. Improve the quality of staff and train the team to adapt to transformation and upgrading. Corporate culture should be integrated with development strategy, marketing and administration, and integrated with management system. Three, create a happy enterprise together, work together in the same boat, seek truth and pragmatism, and work hard for the achievement. Happy enterprise is an enterprise that can satisfy employee's happiness. To build a happy enterprise, the fundamental purpose of every employee's hard work is to lead a happy life. Only happy enterprises can attract talents to the maximum extent, encourage talents and retain talents. With talent, enterprises can be bigger, stronger and longer. Therefore, we will work with everyone to build a harmonious, happy, happy, common, common, respected, well - respected, healthy and long - lived enterprise.
Zhang Yong, manager of Shanghai Li Chao manufacturing department: production management has been beset with unpunctuality and unstable product quality. 2014 full of opportunities and challenges, determined to work hard to complete the company's various indicators, and learn some advanced management methods, to make the work of the Department more effective, more able to get results, to serve the company wholeheartedly. It is hoped that all cadres and staff members will continue to support and cooperate with our work. Adhering to quality is the basic idea of the enterprise, using various carriers such as regular meeting, quality analysis, early meeting, party and so on, strict production process quality control. In ensuring the completion of the order, the quality of the product is done well, and "our product" is truly "our product" and "provide customers with satisfactory products and services." "."
Shanghai Lichao Electric Motor Co.,ltd market sales manager Zhou Xiannv: last year, the sales decline more, I feel very ashamed, although the objective factors exist, there is no reason to push off the responsibility, because the whole sales team is not enough to be qualified, management and guidance, each of the team lacks due care and concern. Understanding, leading to a lot of brain drain. Looking forward to 2014, I will set up confidence from the new start, now I feel that I have to do a lot of things: constantly strengthen the study, improve our management ability, to build a team to have ideas, plans, steps, create a group of responsible and hard-working team, the sales work well, service to customers, service to the company. I hope you will continue to support collaborative sales and make achievements.