General manager Yang's speech at the 2013 annual commendation Conference


2023-04-17 16:30

All the staff members:
This evening, all of our staff gathered together to convene the 2013 annual commendation conference. Here, on behalf of all the shareholders of the company, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the hard work and dedication of the staff. All of us have worked hard, and I pay great respect to the advanced collectives and the outstanding individuals of the 2013. We have made new achievements for the development of the company, and let us extend our warm congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone in the ordinary post.
Review in 2013, under the correct leadership of the chairman and the shareholders, overcome the influence of all kinds of adverse factors, all the staff do not fear hard, hard work, or better complete the work tasks, and realize the steady development of the company. First, the economic indicators are better than expected. Sales revenue and product output were basically the same as those in 2012 years, which is relatively good in the same industry. In the market to ensure that the old customers are not lost, new users have developed to maintain normal supply and demand. Second, the implementation of lean production management results. Since May 2012, the company has paid a great deal of money to hire Mr. SUZUKI, the master of lean production management. Through a series of lean production work in the company, such as automation transformation of production equipment, optimization and adjustment of process route and integration of production site, the production cost is reduced, labor efficiency is improved, and the product is improved. Quality, employee income has also been increased, and the cost down to customers. Third, pay attention to the construction of enterprise culture. The company has carried out the active sports activities such as the staff sports meeting, the staff spring tour Mount Jiuhua, the Cara OK competition, the knowledge competition and the new spring evening party. It enriches the amateur life of the employees, strengthens the unity and harmony of the staff and the cohesiveness of the company.
In the past year, although new achievements have been made, there are many shortcomings in the work. For example, a few employees have poor discipline and a low sense of responsibility. Two, staff training is not enough, and safety, quality and environmental awareness are not strong enough. Three is the quality of products, sales services need to be strengthened. Last year, due to quality, delivery date and service problems, some customers were lost or lost. I hope you can take practical measures in the new year to correct and improve. The focus of the 2014 work is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
First, take sales as the leader, strengthen teamwork and pay close attention to market maintenance and development. How to achieve this year's sales target is the top priority. This requires our sales department to make great efforts to expand the sales business, and needs the cooperation and support from other departments. First of all, the sales department should break down the target, make a scientific and reasonable implementation plan, and accomplish it without any deduction. Secondly, the departments should help and cooperate with each other. Again, the sales work is difficult and difficult to do, and it is necessary to overcome the difficulty of confidence. Although the market market is not optimistic this year, it needs us more. All sales elite meet difficulties and take practical actions to complete the sales tasks assigned by the company.
Two, based on production management, pay close attention to product quality and delivery time. This year, we should fully implement lean production, continue to reduce costs, improve quality, give profits to customers, meet customers' delivery time, and enhance the company's market competitiveness. This is the requirement of the chairman and the requirement of the company's own management innovation. In the process of production, the production is strictly implemented according to the plan, and the control points, operators, equipment and materials of the process are supervised and controlled so as to achieve high efficiency and high quality goals, so that the lean production of the company is truly beneficial. Quality is the life of the company, the quality should be strictly controlled, the company's many years of hard to build the brand can not be abandoned because of quality problems by customers, and the hard work of the market can not be plundered by other brands because of quality problems.
Three, take comprehensive management as the core, and strive to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The comprehensive management department is not only a law enforcement department, but also a service department. It is also a responsible department to create a smooth and rapid development of corporate governance. I request the comprehensive management department: first, we must pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, further enhance the team's executive ability and cooperation; two, we must lead cadres to take the lead in implementing various systems. Leading cadres and middle-level managers should drive all the staff of the company, take responsibility for the overall development of the company, take the lead in the pursuit of high quality and efficiency, do a good job and love post, improve the quality of each job in an all-round way. Three strict supervision and assessment should be carried out, and further supervision and assessment should be further strengthened, and the incentive mechanism linked to performance assessment and income should be carried out. System, encourage advanced, push backward, create good personal and team performance; four reduce production management cost, control material cost, block all kinds of loopholes, reduce all kinds of waste, and strictly control material consumption. We must do well in daily management and standardize management so as to ensure that everything is caught and managed.
Four, to promote enterprise development for the purpose, pay close attention to corporate culture. Excellent corporate culture can not only set up a good corporate image for the company, but also promote the rapid development of the company, enhance the company's brand, and embody the values of the enterprise and staff. The key to culture is the landing, which requires managers to make a series of cultural activities to embody the things that are written in practical activities. The staff recognised culture, perceived culture, through the development of some healthy and upward stylistic activities, through training within the enterprise and so on, to make each employee understand the spirit of the enterprise culture. Culvert, promote mutual solidarity, friendship,